• Dollars DEEP

    Based on MONO, Dollars DEEP can achieves more stable positional tracking

    through the use of depth camera

    How Dollars DEEP works

    Dollars DEEP is an extended version of Dollars MONO.

    Dollars DEEP uses a depth camera to provide more stable and accurate waist and foot positioning, offering you higher-quality real-time motion capture.

    Supported hardware types

    Dollars DEEP currently supports the following two types of depth cameras,,

    • Microsoft Azure Kinect
    • ORBBEC Femto Bolt

    Dollars DEEP will support more types of depth cameras in the future. Meanwhile, the following types will not be included in our support plan,

    • Intel RealSense series
    • Microsoft Kinect V2 and other versions of Kinect

    System requirements

    The system requirements of Dollars MONO still apply to Dollars DEEP.

    In addition, you need a USB3.0 interface to connect the depth camera.

    Dollars DEEP can also use other cameras. However, when using non-depth cameras, enhanced waist and foot positioning cannot be provided.

    More about Dollars DEEP

    Please refer to the Dollars DEEP documentation,


    Have questions? You can check the DEEP FAQ here,