• Dollars MONO

    Real-Time Facial and Full-Body Motion Capture with Finger Tracking Using a Web Camera or Video Files

  • Features

    Easy to Use

    No pre-setup required, with full support for various webcams and video files.

    Local, Real-time

    Runs entirely locally, allowing you to see results immediately without any waiting.

    Full-Performance Capture

    Captures facial expressions, finger movements, and full-body motions using one device at the same time.


    At just 1% of the cost, delivers 80% of the performance of traditional inertial motion capture systems.

    Flexible Character Binding

    Seamlessly binds to any humanoid characters without the need for additional skeletal modifications.

    Integration with Major Game Engines

    Utilize Dollars MoCap's plugins for real-time streaming to popular game engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, iClone8, Virt-A-Mate, and other DCC software for instant animation and interactive experiences.

    VMC Protocol Support

    Certified support for VMC (Virtual Motion Capture) protocol, enabling data transfer with common VTuber software for real-time motion and facial capture.

    BVH Export Support

    Allows exporting of motion data in BVH format, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of animation and modeling software.

    Lifetime License

    Pay once and use forever, with no restrictions on machine binding.

  • How to achieve the best motion capture results

    Whether you use a camera or video for motion capture, the following points will help you get the best out of motion capture,

    • A clear distinction between the people and the background
    • Bright lighting
    • Avoid overly fancy clothing for actors, especially stripes and solid dark colors.
    • Not too much clutter in the background

    System requirements

    In order to use Dollars MONO smoothly, it is recommended that your computer has at least the following configuration,

    • CPU: Intel Core i7 and equivalent CPU
    • Graphics card: NVIDIA RTX 2060 and equivalent graphics card (Enhanced mode requires RTX30 series graphics card)
    • Operating system: Win10 or above

    There are no special requirements for the camera.

    More about Dollars MONO

    Please refer to the Dollars MONO documentation,



    Have questions? You can check the MONO FAQ here,



    Want to see the result? Here are some programs that can be run directly with Dollars MONO.

     Please enable Unreal Engine Streaming on the Dollars MONO side when running the programs above.