• Dollars EGAO

    Dollars EGAO (pronounced [eɡao]), is a free facial capture software for webcam and videos files.

    It includes the full facial capture functionalities of MONO, but with a smaller size and faster performance.

    Using Dollars EGAO Offline

    When using Dollars EGAO, you need to be online to log in. If you wish to use it offline, you can purchase an offline license. The offline license allows you to use Dollars EGAO offline after completing a login once.


    If you have already purchased licenses for MONO, DEEP, or VIVA, you can also use EGAO offline with your account.

    System requirements

    The system requirements of Dollars MONO still apply to Dollars EGAO.

    More about Dollars EGAO

    Please refer to the Dollars EGAO documentation,


    Have questions? You can check the EGAO FAQ here,