• Dollars LINK

    Dollars LINK brings the power of facial capture via Live Link Face to iClone8

    Why use Live Link Face for facial capture?

    Live Link Face, developed by Unreal Engine, is a facial capture iOS app based on Apple's ARKit.


    You can download Live Link Face for free from the Apple Store.


    In addition to providing real-time, high-precision facial capture, Live Link Face also offers the following excellent features,


    • Synchronous video recording with the front camera for post-production reference and editing.
    • Adjustment of capture data based on the performer's individual situation and enhancement of facial animation quality through calibration.


    Thanks to these unique features, compared to other facial capture programs also based on ARKit, Live Link Face allows you to create more impressive facial animations in iClone.

    System requirements

    You need an iPhone equipped with FaceID to run Live Link Face.


    Dollars LINK does not have specific requirements for the computer side. You can run Dollars LINK on any computer that is capable of running iClone8.

    More about Dollars LINK

    Want to check how to use Dollars LINK and connect it with iClone? Please visit the Dollars LINK documentation,


    Have questions? You can check the LINK FAQ here,