• Using Dollars Relay Camera

    Starting from v.230722, Dollars MoCap adds support of OBS native virtual camera, which is more convenient to use than Dollars Relay Camera. Therefore, Dollars Relay Camera has been removed from this version onwards.


    Below we will show you how to use OBS virtual camera to share the same camera in multiple applications, so that you can do motion capture in Dollars MoCap, while also do facial capture in VTuber softwares such as Animaze and VSeeFace.


    You can download OBS here, https://obsproject.com


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    You can add a desktop window, or video capture device to OBS and start the virtual camera using the button on the right.

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    In Dollars MoCap, select OBS Virtual Camera as the video source,

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    And in Animaze, also use OBS Virtual Camera as input.


    This way, you can use one camera for motion capture in Dollars MoCap, while using the same camera to capture facial expressions in Animaze.